The LMU offers an apartment for a rental price of € 430,00. The apartments are located in the student dormitory "Studentenstadt Freimann" .

Student Residence

The accommodation (March 2nd - 31st, 2020) is only available for students of the Preparation program and only for one month.

Erasmus/LMUexchange students have to apply for accommodation together with their study application form. Only if the room application was not successful students are able to apply for a one moth accommodation together with the Preparation program. 

Please note: Erasmus/LMUexchange students should tick the appropriate box in the student application.  Information 

The student dormitory is  located close to the subway station with a good connection to the university, which is located near Munich’s downtown area.

All students are accommodated in an apartment and will be provided with sheets and blankets, which can be washed at one of the laundry rooms in the building. Towels and kitchen utensils (cutlery, cups, plate and pots) will not be provided. We ask that participants acquire these items according to their own personal needs.

The dormitory has special washrooms with washing machines and dreyer, so students can wash their personal clothing.

Please note that student dorms are geared towards student needs and financial means. As such do not expect dorms to meet claims on luxury comfort and on pools.

Arrival / Departure

  • Arrival: March 2nd, 2020 at 4:00 p.m.
  • Departure: March, 31st, 10:00 a.m. at the very latest

We request that participants arrive on March 2nd so that they have enough time to settle in, to get to know the other participants or start exploring the city. All students will get detailed information in February.

You can register for housing during your registration for the German course respectively the excursion program.